About Katie McCann, professional organizer at Haven NY

Big reveal up top – I wasn’t always organized. 

Quite the contrary. I was a typical teenager who bought stuff that I didn’t need or appreciate. As a result, it usually ended up stuffed in a closet or piled on the floor.  Becoming a professional organizer never would have occurred to me then.

But as I got older, my focus started to shift. Life suddenly became more complicated, and I began to crave structure and order. This desire applied to my physical surroundings, but also to my life in general. To accommodate this need, I slowly taught myself how to become an organized person. This has benefited me in endless ways, and is now simply a part of who I am.

I started Haven NY after I realized that my skills could benefit others. Since becoming a professional organizer, you could say I found my calling!

How Hiring a Professional Organizer Can Help

Life is full of transitions large and small. These times of chaos or change can manifest into disarray and disorganization. Even if the transition period is behind you, the effects can linger, causing feelings of overwhelm.

I want to help you overcome these organization-related obstacles. Creating structure in our physical surroundings leads to a greater sense of calm and well-being internally. I will teach you the habits to become a lifelong organized person.

I promise it can become a natural part of who you are, too. Please get in touch to find out how a professional organizer can help, or schedule a free 15-minute phone call to talk more about your organizing projects.

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